Project Move Requests

Campus Gate To Washington Square Hall

Following the guidelines and process below will allow the FD&O moving specialist to efficiently plan and coordinate all project related moves using both internal and contracted moving resources.

  • Move requirements will be initiated via an i-Service Desk request by the FD&O Project Manager. Depending on the size and scope of the move required to support the project, the service request should be completed by the Project Manager 2 - 4 weeks prior to the required move.
  • When planning moves, your Project Manager (PM) will set-up the meetings for preliminary and final drawings for location of your data and telephone moves; your PM should initiate these meetings with the inclusion of the ITS representatives. If you need further assistance please contact your department technical staff.
  • The information provided by the project manager should include all contact information and detailed information about the required moves (scope of work) that the FD&O Moving Services Specialist will need.
  • It is acceptable for specific project related move requirements to be communicated to the FD&O Moving Services Specialist during a project meeting, via email, by phone, or by voice mail after the I-request form has been submitted.
  • The FD&O Moving Services Specialist will determine the requirements of each project related move, and determine whether the internal movers or contracted movers are required to perform the work.
  • If internal movers will perform the work, the FD&O Moving Services Specialist will put it on the in house mover's schedule and provide them with a copy of the official work request detailing the requirements of the move. Moves using the FD&O crew are usually chargeable to the project.
  • If it is determined that contract movers are required to complete the work, the moving specialist will contact the contract movers and schedule them to perform the work by utilizing the FD&O blanket contract. Only the FD&O Moving Services Specialist or another designated FD&O employee can authorize work to be performed against the contract moving services blanket purchase orders for campus and MLK moves. All contracted moving services are chargeable to the project.