Campus Village

The campus village is a new building complex located on the south east side of campus. This multistory complex was designed to alleviate the need for on-campus student housing. The surrounding neighborhoods are peppered with Greek houses, apartments and rentals but the existing accommodations for on-campus housing were minimal. The new campus village is comprised of three multi story buildings. SJSU has historically been a commuter school due to its urban setting. Recently with only 8% of students living on campus, the Campus Village project provides students a new opportunity to live and study on site. Several floor plan options are available for rent including the traditional dormitory style double, single or suite. The suite dormitories include two bedrooms with adjoining bath, kitchenette and living area. Campus village also offers staff a unique opportunity to live and work on campus. Building B and C are the new student housing buildings of Spartan Complex. The main tower includes a computer study area, Courtesy Desk and main lobby. These brand new units tower above the campus. The inspiring views, the nearby aquatic center and the underground parking are just a few of the items campus village offers.

What makes a campus really great is the strength of its faculty and support staff. In order to attract new and experienced high quality faculty and staff, Building A contains about 200 faculty/staff housing units. Meant for faculty and staff in transition, these short term lease units come in studio, and one and two bedroom models. These units provide the opportunity to attract the highest quality staff to the university. Relocating faculty may not have the resources to relocate and acclimate to the high real estate prices of the San Jose and Silicon Valley areas. These units provide a temporary solution to a relocating faculty/staff member's living arrangements allowing a new SJSU employee the opportunity to live and work on site.