Our Policies

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Request FD&O Services

All non-emergency maintenance requests are submitted on FD&O's virtual ticketing platform iService. To access the site when working remotely, users must be connected to a university VPN. Please call (408) 924-1990 for all emergency requests.

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Routine Service Requests

Day-to-day upkeep to support basic operation of the University's facilities.

Fee for Service

Non-routine requests can be requested by campus entities on a fee basis.

Business with PDC

Information for external firms with business with the Planning, Design and Construction division.


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Service Priorities and Responses

Learn about the services we provide to the SJSU community and how to request routine and non-routine services.

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Recycling and Waste Disposal

Learn how to recycle or dispose all types of common campus waste properly.

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Learn about the services provided by the Automotive Shop, including emergency services and inspections.

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Buildings and Facilities

Buildings and Facilities includes the Electrical Shop, HVAC Shop, Lock Shop, Plumbing Shop and Elevator and Conveying Services.

Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

Access training, resources, manuals and safety data sheets to stay safe in the office, classroom, workplace and laboratory at SJSU.