Building Temperature Policy

Summary of Building Temperatures

Per Executive Order No. 987 - Policy Statement on Energy Conservation, Sustainable Building Practices, and Physical Plant Management for the California State University.

  • All CSU buildings and facilities, regardless of the source of funding for their operation, will be operated in the most energy efficient manner without endangering public health and safety and without diminishing the quality of education.
  • Purchased energy resources on CSU facilities will not be used to heat above 68 degrees Fahrenheit or cool below 78 degrees Fahrenheit. These limits will not apply to areas where other temperature settings are required by specialized needs of equipment or scientific experimentation.
  • All air conditioning equipment, including supply and return air fans, are to be shut off on weekends, holidays, and for varying periods each night, except where it would adversely affect instruction, electronic data processing installations, or other scientifically-critical or 24-hour operations.