Building Permits

Revisions in State University Administrative Manual (SUAM), Section 9700 has redefined how the systems approaches construction and code enforcement. All projects are required to have a building permit issued by the Deputy Building Official.

The Deputy Building Official is a campus appointed individual responsible for campus-specific building code administrative and operational control. This individual acts as a deputy under the authority of the CSU Building Official who is responsible for the overall administration and operational control of the building code.

No physical work may be initiated without a permit approved by the Deputy Building Official.


Building permits are issued by a regulatory agency certifying that the design is to current building codes; seismically sound, ADA compliant, well lit, and free of any hazardous materials.

Projects are assessed as to whether or not a building permit is required. Building permits can be required for any of the following projects.

Permits Required

  • Non Maintenance Work Orders
  • Allocation Projects (funding from requestor).
  • Change of Space Occupancy Type (such as (A) Assembly to (B) Offices, (E)Educational, etc )
  • Requests requiring engineering or design consultant services
  • Requests requiring new modular furniture layout with electrical or HVAC changes
  • When a contractor will perform work on campus.
  • Modifications to any building elements such as walls, doors, windows, floors, stairs/railings, etc.
  • Mechanical air conditioning/ventilation, plumbing, electrical or utility connection modifications
  • ADA Compliance issues (accessibility)
  • Life Safety Systems: Generators, PA, Fire Alarms
  • Hazardous Materials abatement
  • Equipment installation over 400 lbs. (other parameters apply)
  • Signage

Permits NOT Required

  • Modifications to existing modular furniture
  • Staff relocation
  • Normal annual maintenance, cleaning, repairs, or painting
  • Concrete Repair
  • See Building Permit Checklist Form