Environmental Health and Safety

FD&O environmental health and safety image graphic
Asbestos icon graphic

Asbestos Safety Information

Learn what to do if you encounter asbestos.

Fire safety icon

Fire Safety

Learn what to do in case of fire.

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Resources and Programs

Learn about EHS's resources, programs and training on a range of safety topics.

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Hazardous Materials

Guidance on dealing with and disposing hazardous materials.

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Laboratory Safety

Guidance on laboratory safety for faculty and students.

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Stormwater Management

Learn about how EHS manages stormwater on campus and how to help.

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Safety Committee

EHS chairs a quarterly safety committee to review campus safety. 

Safety Best Practices

Report all fires to 911 immediately, even if extinguished. Avoid all downed wires and assume they are live. Report all urgent damage (flooding, water leak, air conditioning failure, power failure, network failure) to FD&O at (408) 924-1990.