Cardboard boxes should be flattened and left next to a paper recycling container in your office area, where they will be picked up by the custodians for recycling.

If you have a large number of boxes, please flatten and take to the cardboard collection station nearest your building, normally found in the same area with trash dumpsters. Contact Recycling Services at to locate a campus cardboard collection point nearest your building. You may also submit a request for pickup of large quantities of flattened cardboard via an iService Request or call 924-1990.

Where Does It Go?

All cardboard boxes collected in this program are hauled to a processing facility about 15 miles from campus. The cardboard is then baled and sent to mills in the US, Mexico, and China where it is pulped and made into new paper and cardboard for a variety of uses.

Paper recycling source: International Paper 

Did You Know?

Cardboard has been recycled for decades, mostly by commercial users such as your neighborhood grocery store. As a matter of fact, 78.3% of all cardboard was recovered for recycling in 2007!

Source: Corrugated Packaging