Inert materials such as asphalt, block, brick, ceramics, clay, concrete, dirt, and plaster should not be discarded in the campus refuse bins or compactors, as these items are often very heavy and can easily overload a bin which cannot then be serviced. Contact Recycling Services at to ask where to bring small amounts of inert materials.

Departments that generate large amounts of inert items should request temporary bins for collection by submitting an e-mail to Do not put any organic matter or miscellaneous trash in this roll-off, as it will contaminate the load and increase the cost of removal.

Where Does It Go?

Inert debris from San Jose State University is taken to a regional landfill that accepts only inert material, thus making the site suitable for development upon closure. Landfills that accept municipal solid waste (which includes organic matter), generate methane gas from the decomposition process, causing the ground to shift and settle, making it difficult to develop the site after closure.