Surplus Furniture and Property

Surplus Property consists of university-owned items that are no longer needed by a department, including vehicles, computers, furniture, and office equipment.

Prior to requesting the removal or disposal of any furniture, computers, electronic, or mechanical equipment, a Property Survey Report Form [pdf] must be completed and sent to the Property Office (408-924-1595, extended zip 0047) for processing.

The Property Office will be responsible for submitting the service request to Facilities to have the surplus items removed for recycling or disposal. If the surplus item(s) can be reused somewhere on campus, the Property Office will inform the Furniture and Equipment Reuse Program Coordinator, who will be responsible for submitting the service request to have the item(s) moved to the new location. If an item is not needed elsewhere on campus but can be sold, the Reuse Program Coordinator will be responsible for submitting the service request to have the item(s) moved to the sale location. Additional information regarding Property Disposition at SJSU can be found at the SJSU Asset Services Web Page.

Do not leave property in hallways, stairwells, or outside of buildings. Abandoning furniture and equipment in this manner is a violation of campus policy and can create safety hazards.

If you would like to obtain an item from the Furniture and Equipment Reuse Program, please call 924-1568 to check availability.

If you have surplus items that you would like to donate to a non-profit organization, please contact the Property Office (408- 924-1595).

Where Does It Go?

The type and condition of equipment and furniture determines whether the items are eligible for reuse on campus through the  Furniture/Equipment Re-use Program  or if it should be recycled. Several options exist, including: making property available to other departments on campus, donating items to local non-profit agencies and schools, sending equipment to a public auction under contract with the university, posting items on the Public Surplus web site, and dismantling property into separate components for recycling.