Toner and Ink Jet Cartridges

Help the environment; do not dump empty toner cartridges in the garbage.

Most companies will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label for return purposes.

For returns please follow these instructions:

  1. When you are ready to replace an empty cartridge look inside of the new box and find a return label. In most cases you will find one from either UPS or Fedex.
  2. Remove the new cartridge from the box and put the old one inside.
  3. Seal the box and affix the shipping label on top.
  4. Call Shipping and Receiving at 4-1590 to schedule pick of your parcel, or simply put it with your outgoing mail.

If it is not possible to recycle toner cartridges by mailing them back to the manufacturer then they can be recycled by placing the used cartridges back in their boxes and submitting a pick up request to Recycling/Moving Services via an iService Request or by calling 924-1990.

Please do not put toner cartridges in with mixed paper or cardboard.