Several departments throughout campus, including University Theatre, Art, and Facilities Management, generate wood scrap during normal operational activities. Other departments generate scrap wood during cleanouts or renovations, most of which is recyclable if properly prepared, including:

  • plywood
  • damaged pallets
  • dimensional lumber
  • misc painted wood
  • wood furniture with hardware removed
  • pressboard

Scrap wood should be brought to the wood collection bin at the Facilities Development and Operations (FDO) Corporate Yard (located at the corner of 10th Street and San Fernando). Departments that generate large amounts of wood items should request temporary bins for collection by submitting an e-mail to recycle@sjsu.edu. You may also submit a pick up request to Recycling/Moving Services via an iService Request or call 924-1990.

Where Does It Go?

Scrap wood from San Jose State University is taken to a local facility where it is shredded in a tub grinder and will be either composted, used to make wood items like particleboard, or used to create energy at a bioenergy facility.