Energy Conservation through Improved Lighting

Lighting accounts for a major portion of the energy used on campus, so it is a major focus in our energy conservation strategy.


In 2006, 25 buildings campuswide received improved lighting in classrooms, offices and hallways. This reduced the energy consumption of the campus by 10%, saving over one million dollars per year.

In 2009 King Library received an upgrade to three major lighting fixture types (over 6,000 individual fixtures), resulting in a reduction in consumption of over 20% of the total energy used by the building, as compared to the previous year.

SJSU applied for a best practices award from the CSU (results have not been announced): Application for California State University "2010 Best Practices Award" [pdf]

Exterior Lighting

SJSU is reviewing new products and pursuing funding to upgrade exterior lights.

Conservation + Savings + Better Light = Win + Win + Win

In addition to reduced energy, reduced carbon footprint and financial savings, the new lights installed on campus have better color rendition and provide more light that leads to better visual acuity.