35% Reduction in Water Consumption

Through the use of recycled water and conservation strategies, SJSU is on track to reduce its potable (drinking quality) water consumption from a high of almost 600 acre-feet per year in 1999 to 303 acre-feet by 2018. (One acre-foot is approximately 325,850 gallons.)

Water Supply

San Jose State has had source wells on campus since at least the 1940's.

There are wells on the Main Campus and on South Campus.

SJSU well water is treated to the highest municipal water standards and is tested weekly to ensure compliance.

San Jose Water Company serves as a backup to the campus wells, supplying water when one or more of the wells is off-line.

Recycled Water Implementation

2000 - San Jose State became one of the first customers of South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR) - supplying Central Plant Cooling Tower and South Campus Irrigation.

2010 - King Library recycled water risers are connected to SBWR main to supply 90 toilets and 30 urinals which use about 18,000 gallons per day.

2010 - SJSU Main Campus irrigation system is connected to SBWR, delivering recycled water to lawns and landscaping.

2012 - Renovation and Expansion of Student Union includes recycled water risers to supply toilets and urinals. Recycled water connection complete in 2017.

2016 - Central Plant Boilers convert potable water to recycled water.

2017 - SJSU Main Campus expands recycled water pipeline down San Carlos St. to supply recycled water to new dual plumbed buildings.

More Information

Presentation on Water at SJSU [PDF] [pdf]