Film & Theatre Program Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes Radio TV Film (RTVF)

  • PLO#1: Become media literate: Know the history, processes and current structure of the electronic media, its ethical parameters, and the social and political effects of electronic and mass communication (radio, television, film, new media) on an audience.
  • PLO#2: Tell meaningful stories through production of good narratives in radio, television, and film. Appreciate the art and aesthetics of media.
  • PLO#3: Communicate information and entertainment to diverse cultures using radio, television and film. Be sensitive to the ways and processes of, and the attitudes held by races, religions, political and social groups that are not their own.
  • PLO#4: Understand how to plan, produce, write and direct radio, television and film/cinema projects. Achieve professional-level skills of production. Select and operate video/television, film, and audio/radio technologies.
  • PLO#5: Determine what type of information is needed for a research question, problem, or issue, and be able to retrieve, evaluate and effectively use such information to produce scholarship and production in radio, television, film and new media.

Learning Outcomes Theatre Arts (TA)

  • PLO#1: Demonstrate a literacy of language of stage and/or screen; know how to analyze a script, understand the historical and contemporary structure of a script, and the social and political effects of a performance on an audience.
  • PLO#2: Demonstrate an ability to tell meaningful stories through performance; correlate performance to production; Demonstrate acting skills and development of a character.
  • PLO3: Communicate information and entertainment to diverse cultures using stage and/or screen; demonstrate sensitivity to the processes of and the attitudes held by races, religions, political and social groups that are not their own.
  • PLO#4: Demonstrate how to plan, perform, produce, write and direct for stage and screen; demonstrate professional-level skills of production; design for and operate contemporary technologies.
  • PLO#5: Demonstrate what type of information is needed for a research question, problem, or issue, and be able to retrieve, evaluate and effectively use such information to produce quality scholarship.