Student Internship Opportunities

The Film & Theatre Department offers the opportunity for students to gain invaluable "real world" experience while receiving academic credit through the TA 198 and RTVF198 Internship and Portfolio Courses.

Internships are offered every fall, spring, and summer terms. The internship is designed to help students make practical application of what they have learned in their classes. Most of the work for the course is done with the placement, but research, analysis and written work also are required to ensure that students make analytical connections between classroom and textbook abstractions about radio-television-film-multimedia and "the real thing."

Each course in the TA and RTVF curricula requires a portfolio "deliverable." The final portfolio will be organized and posted during the 198 course in order to prepare students for the job market.

Please review the materials on this page (as well as the FAQs section.) If you have additional questions, please contact the appropriate internship director (determined by the academic semester of your internship).