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Our RTVF major program offers training and experience in radio, television, film, and multimedia PRODUCTION (radio/television/film/video/sound-for-film production, script/screen-writing for film and television, cinematography, editing, colorization, producing, directing, management).

The RTVF program operates a full time 24-hour a day RADIO STATION, KSJS 90.5-FM that provides entertainment, sports and community service to the Bay Area.

The RTVF program also creates feature films through SPARTAN FILM STUDIOS as well as other faculty, staff and student production projects. Spartan Film Studios offers students a truly unique opportunity to participate in one of San José State University’s most adventurous programs. Under the guidance of studio directors Barnaby Dallas and Nick Martinez, along with expert instructors and industry professionals, students are given a full range of film production experience that has resulted in multiple feature-length and short subject films.

Our SCREENWRITING Program is award-winning: We offer screenwriting for film and television. Our screenwriting program has swept competitions around the country.

RTVF STUDIES are just as important as production: 
In our studies courses you will learn about history, art, aesthetics, critical thinking/writing, theory, effects, cultural studies, gender/race/class issues, industry infrastructure, global perspectives, etc. Understanding studies makes you a better consumer and producer of media. Here is a list of studies courses and faculty who teach in our studies program.

RTVF also requires students to complete an RTVF INTERNSHIP in order to obtain job-seeking skills and gain "real-world" experience they can use after graduation. 
San José State University recognizes the need for an interactive and productive education in the field of the arts. RTVF students are given multiple opportunities to perform, write, and direct their own works in preparation for a successful career in the Hollywood arts. We are excited we will be working with you during your college career. There is a lot going on in our major and in our Film & Theatre Department. Take a moment and read this entire email to get a quick introduction to our program. Then, if/when you have questions, be sure to contact your major advisor or the department.

Here are some program features summarized into RTVF ONE-SHEETS.

For general information, SJSU's COURSE CATALOG lists all degree requirements as well as descriptions of RTVF courses.



1A. Advising on General SJSU Degree: The H&A Student Success Center advises about SJSU units outside the RTVF major. 

2A. RTVF Forms / Paperwork: RTVF Major Advising forms and helpful information 

2B. RTVF Major Faculty Advisors:  Advisors are sssigned by student last names. How to prepare for an advising appointment is also found here.

2C. Nikole Abrego's Contact Information, Ms. Abrego is F&T's Department Analyst who processes your paperwork and assists faculty with advising.

2D. DECLARE RTVF as your major or CHANGE your major to RTVF

2E. General Education (G.E.) and the WST (Writing Skills Test)
SJSU Studies and RTVF Courses

2F. KSJS Courses, Which courses to take and how they work

2G. RTVF Intership Course

2H. Film Production Society (FPS),  RTVF Student Club

B.A. Degree in Radio-Television-Film consists of 120 units total:

SJSU-1. 60 units are general SJSU requirements

NOTE: If you are transferring in courses from other CCs or JCs, you MUST keep track of the number of upper-division units you have completed because there is a minimum requirement to graduate from SJSU.

SJSU-1A.   For information and advising about your overall SJSU requirements, please contact: The Humanities and Arts Student Success Center

The College of Humanities and the Arts (H&A) Student Success Center is the central advising resource for students in the College.
Location: Clark Hall  244
They are virtually available during COVID-limitation times.
Main Phone: (408) 924-5095

Section-2. The remaining 60 units are specific RTVF Major requirements

Section-2A.  RTVF Paperwork / Advising Information

RTVF Advising Instructions (.pdf)
RTVF Course Descriptions (.pdf)
B.A. - RTVF MAJOR Form (.pdf)
B.A. - RTVF MINOR Form (.pdf)
RTVF Program Curriculum Flow Chart (.pdf) (provides a graphic to see courses by type)
RTVF Advising Road Map (.pdf)
How to Apply for Graduation (.pdf)

Section-2B.  Your RTVF Faculty Advisors

All advisor contact information can be found at Film & Theatre's Faculty-Staff Directory. RTVF advising assignments (by student last name—letter groups have been assigned alphabetically). IMPORTANT: Always include your Student ID when contacting your advisor or the department.

Our newest hire, Dr. Hojeong Lee, will not be advising her first year. You'll see her on the roster next year. Welcome Dr. Lee!

A-C assigned to
Professor Kimb Massey, Ph.D.
D-J assigned to 
Associate Professor Harry Mathias
K-Q assigned to 
Professor Alison McKee, Ph.D.
R-Z assigned to 
Assistant Professor Raha Shojaei, Ph.D.

If you show up to your advising appointment (online or in person) unprepared, it will be a waste of time. For your advising appointments:

  • Your SJSU degree record is located at myProgress. This is where all of your course work is listed whether taken at SJSU or transferred in from outside of the university. Access your MyProgress online to make sure it is accurate and contains any and all transfer courses and credits you've completed.
    Here are instructions on How To Access Your MyProgress.
  • If you have taken courses from outside SJSU, and they don't appear on your MyProgress or they haven't been accurately substituted, make a note of those classes or discrepancies so your advisor can determine whether/where what can be used as substitutions inside the RTVF major.
  • Most importantly: Pull up your record for advising on your computer before your appointment so time isn't wasted while you find the information. When advising is happening online, we will be sharing our screens.

Section-2C.  Know Your Department Analyst

One of the most important people you will need to know in our department is our Analyst, Nikole Abrego. She will be the person who processes all of your degree paperwork and distributes forms to the appropriate people for digital signatures. She will also assist you when you are unable to reach your advisor. Here is her contact information:

Nikole Abrego, Department Analyst

(it is important to include your student ID on ALL communication)
If you'd like to meet with her on zoom, here is her link and available office hours:
Office Hours (M-F): 9:00am to 12:00pm*  and  2:00pm to 4:00pm*

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you attempt to enter the Nikole's meeting room and you are placed in her waiting room, please be patient and wait until she is able to let you in—if you are waiting, it is because she is helping another student, staff, or faculty member and she will let you in as soon as possible.

Section-2D.  Changing your Major/Minor or
          Declaring RTVF As Your Major/Minor

If you would like to change your major to Radio-Television-Film or to Theatre Arts, just do it! We welcome incoming freshmen as well as transfer students from any major. Use one of the following forms that apply to your situation:

Change of Major/Minor form (if you currently have less than 90 units)

Change of Major/Minor form (if you currently have 90 units or more)

Once you fill out your Change of Major/Minor form, contact Department Analyst Nikole Abrego. She will assist in processing your paperwork and getting it distributed to the appropriate people for signatures.

Section-2E. General Education (SJSU Studies) Requirements

For more G.E. information, visit:
H&A Student Success Center's page on General Education
Here is more information on the WST—Writing Skills Test 

Several RTVF courses satisfy your upper-division, SJ Studies requirements:
Area R = RTVF does not offer a course so you’ll have to choose from other GE listings.
Area S = RTVF 110 is a major requirement that satisfies this area.
Area V = RTVF 111 is an elective class that satisfies this area. So if you choose to take RTVF111, you don’t have to take another Area V course. If you don’t take RTVF111, you’ll have to satisfy Area V with another course from the GE studies listings.
Area Z = TA 100W is a major requirement that satisfies this area. However, if taking TA 100W doesn’t fit in your schedule, you are welcome to take ANY 100W and it will substituted for TA 100W.

Section-2F. More about our award-winning radio station KSJS 90.5-FM

KSJS-FM isn't just wired to campus. It is an actual STUDENT-RUN station broadcasting throughout the south Bay Area. There are three courses associated with the radio station:
1. RTVF 121: (upper-division, open to Frosh, Soph, Jrs, Srs). You receive credit for working with the station KSJS-FM. Class meets Mondays at 6:00-6:50 and is an activity class where you work a set of hours (100 total) for course credit. You get to choose which departments you want to work with (programming, music-various genres, production, social media, business, traffic, etc.) 
2. RTVF 021: We also have a DJ training class (RTVF 021) that is offered in conjunction with the main KSJS course (RTVF 121). If you are going to be a DJ and take RTVF 21, you must be simultaneously enrolled in RTVF 121 or have taken 121 in the past. But, if you just want to work with the station, you can take RTVF 121 by itself. Working with KSJS-FM will give you an opportunity to be part of a professional organization (a great line for your resume.) You'll also be able to network with a fantastic group of students. Go to KSJS.ORG for more information. Or contact Professors Alison McKee, Kimb Massey, or KSJS General Manager Nick Martinez for more information. 
3. RTVF 122: This course is reserved for KSJS managers/assistant managers.

Section-2G. RTVF Internships

The RTVF program offers the opportunity for students to gain invaluable "real world" experience while receiving academic credit through the RTVF198 Internship and Portfolio Course. See the Department INTERNSHIP Page for more information.

Section-2H. RTVF Student Club: Film Production Society

RTVF majors meet once per week to collaborate on independent projects to gain experience and portfolio content. Everyone is welcome to joing FPS.  See the Film Production Society Page for more information.