Theatre Arts

Theatre has been a dynamic force on SJSU's campus since the earliest days of the University.  The official Department of Theatre was established in 1928 with an emphasis on "dramatic study and stage craft . . . a field that stretches far and wide and is rich with possibilities." Today, we emphasize the contemporary role of theatre education: to prepare our students to be active, inventive and disciplined performers working with a team in creative enterprize.

The Theatre Arts Major emphasizes a strong foundation in acting, directing, writing, design and entertainment technologies. Theatre Arts students study the history and practices of theatre with a particular emphasis on the interrelationship between theatre and contemporary performance cultures.

Theatre Arts' production program gives students a wide range of performance opportunities from professionally-oriented mainstage productions, to experimental and new-play production workshops, to feature-length film, broadcasting, web and site-specific performances.

The distinguished faculty and alumni of SJSU Theatre Arts play significant roles in the cultural life of the Bay Area, as well as the broader entertainment industry, as performers, designers, directors, writers, and administrators. In this way SJSU Theatre's network connects our students directly to the professional world and to a wide range of career opportunities.

The following forms will help you become familiar with our programs and keep you on track to earning your degree. Please download the appropriate forms and have them accessible during every advising appointment:

Theatre Program One-Sheets
TA Advising Instructions (.pdf)
TA Course Descriptions (.pdf)
B.A. - Theatre Arts MAJOR Form (.pdf)
B.A. - Theatre Arts MINOR Form (.pdf)
B.A. - Musical Theatre MINOR Form (.pdf)
TA Program Curriculum (.pdf)
TA Advising Road Map (.pdf)
How to Apply for Graduation (.pdf)
Change of Major and/or Minor Forms

If you would like to change/declare your major or minor to/as Radio-Television-Film (RTVF) or to Theatre Arts, just do it! We welcome incoming freshmen as well as transfer students from any major.

To change your major, email Let them know you want to change or declare your major or minor and don't forget to provide your STUDENT ID. You will be sent your paperwork via DocuSign. If you would like to speak with an advisor first, see below for who your advisor is:

TA ADVISORS (by student last name)
A-F   Andrea Bechert
G-M  Kirsten Brandt
N-Z   Amy Glazer

For overview information, see the General Education Policies and Procedures.

NOTE: Our department (both programs) offer several courses that will double-count for Major and GE requirements. They are:

In RTVF: Area C1=RTVF 10,   Area S=RTVF 110,   Area V=RTVF 111
In Theatre Arts: Area C1=TA 05 or TA 10,  Area C2=TA 13,  Area E=TA 48, Area V=TA 127