Budget Development


Budget development at SJSU is an ongoing, multi-year process that is aligned with the strategic planning of our campus. University goals, and the processes involved in reaching these goals, influence the distribution of campus resources. Budget drivers (such as student enrollment) are projected for up to ten years in advance for application to long term planning. For more information, please visit SJSU Strategic Planning .

Budget development typically starts when the Governor’s budget is issued in January. Soon after, the CSU will issue preliminary campus budget allocations in a coded memo, referred to as the “B-letter”. Final allocations are provided to campuses in July or August after the State has finalized its budget, which is required in statute by June 30th.

SJSU’s budget process for distributing new resources (or reductions) is led by the President. The process usually occurs between January and May. The Budget Office implements the preliminary budget plan by June 30th, and makes changes as necessary once final allocations from the CSU are known. Any late changes may be distributed to the campus or worked into the following year’s budget plan.

In parallel, Divisions can initiate internal changes to their base budgets throughout the year. However, budgets for the coming year must be finalized and recorded in the financial system (CFS) by June 30th. The links at the right side provide details on the various processing.

In August each year, SJSU is required to submit its final budget plan to the CSU. The Chancellor's Office will then prepare a consolidated CSU budget. This consolidated budget is provided to the Department of Finance as the CSU’s official budget plan for the given fiscal year.