We ship and receive parcels from UPS,  DHL, FedEx, USPS and other carriers for both SJSU and SJSU Foundation. To track a shipment, please call 408.924.1593. If you have questions regarding US Postal Service mail or packages, please call 408.924.1599 or 408.924.1529. 

When parcels are related to a purchase order, we enter the quantity received in CFS  so Accounts Payable can process the associated invoice.  

Important: Campus departments are responsible for entering the receipt in CFS Finance when orders are shipped directly to you or when they are picked up by an employee.

Personal shipments

Distribution Services dock is intended for SJSU business commerce and items related to the function of SJSU only. Personal items are not allowed. SJSU will not pay for loss or damage which may be incurred to a personal shipment.

We ship parcels related to SJSU business only. Personal shipments must be taken directly to a commercial shipper such as UPS or USPS.

Delivery Address & Contact information

Inbound and outbound parcels need to be addressed as follows:

San José State University
(Department Name)
129 South 10th Street
San Jose, CA 95192-(4-digit Extended Zip)
Attn: (Recipient's Name/Phone Number)

To avoid delays in delivery, make sure the SJSU Faculty & Staff Directory directory reflects your correct location and contact information. If you move, notify applicable vendors of your address change.