Fragile & Oversize Shipments

 We are responsible for receipt and delivery of most inbound shipments. Even though our policy is to accept all shipments, we have some logistic exceptions.

 Before you place an order, consider the following:

  • Shipment Weight: We will not accept deliveries for single units heavier than 5,000 lbs.
  • Shipment Size: We accept most oversize shipments, but you are responsible for moving oversize shipments to your department when, due to staff safety or lack of equipment, we are unable to.
  • Building Access: If your shipment won't go through your door or won't fit in your elevator, it's your responsibility to move it to it's final location.
  • Fragile Shipments: If you need to order fragile or sensitive equipment, add a special request for a Set in Place delivery on your requisition. This will eliminate potential delivery risks. When fragile equipment arrives to our dock, we may decide that special handling is required. If this happens, you will be responsible for moving the shipment to your department.