Preferred Method

Use to provide an easy and expeditious method for campus departments to procure a wide variety of low dollar items, office supplies, and limited services, such as:

For restrictions, please see Procure to Pay Guidelines (PDF).

Cardholder Responsibilities
  1. Request a ProCard by completing the ProCard Application (DocuSign).
  2. Complete training
    • Cardholders are required to complete the Introduction to Finance (FIN009) in order to get finance systems access.
    • For details about how to register for this course, login, complete the training and request system access, please visit Finance Training.
  3. Save your receipts whenever you use the ProCard to make a purchase.
  4. Each month, you must reconcile your statement to verify that the charges are valid and that goods have been received.
    • Due dates for ProCard statement processing are listed below.
  5. Use DocuSign to enter Cardholder's signature and route reconciliation for review and approval to the Approving Official.
  6. Completed and signed reconciliation is to be uploaded to the ProCard/GoCard Statement Submission portal in FTS by deadline.
  7. For detailed instructions on completing the ProCard Reconciliation in CFS, visit Finance Tutorials.
  8. All questions regarding ProCard policy and use should be directed to the ProCard Coordinator at 408-924-1569.
  • Detailed receipts for each expense. Do not tape over information on the receipt if attaching it on an 8.5" x 11" paper. Scan receipts and backup documentation.
  • Include other additional documentation when necessary, such as the Hospitality Expense Justification form.
Additional Requirements

Understanding of the ProCard Manual.


Statement Notification Reconcile Statement/Print Adjustment Report Submit Report
On (or about) the 25th of each month, cardholders are notified via email that their ProCard statements are ready for reconciliation. By the 5th of the following month, cardholders must reconcile their ProCard statements and save their ProCard Adjustment Reports into a file. Itemized receipts and backup documentation are to be organized in the order transactions appear in statement and scanned to a file. By the 10th of each month, both cardholders and their Approving Official must sign the ProCard Adjustment Report using DocuSign. Completed and signed reconciliation are submitted in the ProCard/GoCard Statement Submission portal in FTS.