Getting Started

University employees will work with the Finance Service Group in some capacity if their role and responsibility for their department includes one or more of the following:

  • Purchasing or requesting goods/services for department
  • Requesting payment to vendors
  • Reimbursing employees for approved out of pocket and business travel expenses
  • Monitoring or reconciling activity in department funds
  • Budgeting
  • Making deposits
  • Approving financial expenditures
  • Shipping and receiving of mail or packages

To get started in working with Finance, employees can pursue the following steps-


Step 1: Complete Training

The finance applications employees need access to depend on their job responsibilities. Review Finance Courses for a list of required and recommended training offered by Finance. Enroll in a session through SJSU@Work.  

Step 2: Request Access to the Finance Applications

After required training is completed, submit a Request Form for Finance Systems Access (a DocuSign form) so CMS Security can grant you access to the Finance Applications

Step 3:  Get Familiar with Policies and Guidelines

Finance oversees the university’s policies and guidelines related to financial activities. Employees are to refer to the Finance Policies and Guidelines when making financial or purchasing decisions for their department.

Step 4:  Subscribe to the FinanceConnect Blog

All employees are recommended to subscribe to the FinanceConnect Blog to get updates regarding Finance policy and process changes. 

Step 5: Obtain Assistance

Additional resources are available to employees-

  • Finance Tutorials are available to current users of the finance applications.
  • Drop by a Finance Open Lab session for 1-1 assistance with Finance guidelines and processes. 
  • Questions about Finance policies/guidelines, processes, or our applications, please contact Finance Support Unit at or 4-1558.