Finance Systems

In order to gain access to the finance systems, employees must complete required training from Finance. For course information, refer to Training.  Finance Tutorials are also available to users for reference once access has been granted.

After required training is completed, employee must complete the Finance Systems Access Request Form.

There are three applications used for finance activities: 

Financial Transaction Services (FTS)

FTS is used for:

  • communicating a purchase request to Contracts and Purchasing Services for goods and services.
  • sending a Direct Payment, Employee/Student Reimbursement, or Travel Reimbursement voucher request to Accounts Payable.
  • submitting an authorization to travel for business.
  • transferring budget and expense between chartfields.
  • adjusting a processed payroll expense.
  • paying another campus department for services received.
  • approving purchase/payment requests and transfers.

Common Finance System (CFS)

CFS is used for:

  • checking the status of purchasing or payment request.
  • entering a receipt or inspection confirmation for products/services ordered through a purchase order.
  • completing the monthly statement reconciliation for purchases made with the university's ProCard or GoCard. 

CFS Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse is a reporting tool and is used by a department for:

  • monitoring and reconciling financial activity.
  • managing purchase order encumbrances.
  • budgeting.