ATI Procurement Criteria


Important ATI Notice

This is an Electronic & Information Technology (E&IT) product or service.

High Impact Criteria

Regardless of dollar amount, if your purchase of this product/service will affect multiple end-users, CSU policy requires you to follow the ATI Procurement Process (as set forth in CSU Coded Memorandum AA-2013-03).

ATI Procurement Process

  1. The requesting department is responsible for having their vendor complete the VPAT form, and upload it to the requisition in FTS at the time of requisition creation.  The IT Department is responsible for the review and approval of the VPAT before Contracts and Purchasing Services may proceed with the purchasing process.
  2. Complete the Technology Requisition Impact Assesstment (TRIA) Form.
  3. Submit a Requisition.
  4. Include the following information in the Requisition:
    • Product Description
    • Type of Product (example:  software application, telecommunication, desktop/laptop, or video/multimedia)
    • Where will product be used (such as in a classroom, conference room, or cubicle)?
    • Who will be using the product  (i.e., students and staff/faculty)?
    • Estimated Cost

For additional information, see Accessible Technology Initiative.