Trust Fund Guidelines

Student taking notes

Per California Education Code section 89721, money received by the University, aside from State support, must meet certain sources or purposes and shall be deposited and maintained in a Trust Fund. These include:

  1. Any student loan or scholarship funds
  2. Room, board, and similar expenses of students enrolled in SJSU's international programs
  3. Funds held on deposit and subject to return upon approval of a proper application (e.g., equipment deposits)
  4. Mandatory student fees (fees all students pay to enroll at San José State)
  5. Optional (non-mandatory) fees and charges for services, materials, and facilities. All fees that are deposited shall be used solely to meet the costs of providing these services, materials, and facilities.
  6. Fees for parking, health facilities or health services, and for extension programs, special sessions, and other self-supporting instructional programs
  7. Lottery Funds