Administrative Services Fee

Administrative Services Fees reimburse the Administration & Finance Division for providing human resources, business and financial services to Trust Fund activities. Charges come through one of two mechanisms: 1) the annual Cost Allocation Plan, which includes large self-supporting units (e.g. Housing, Parking, IES, etc.), or 2) the Administrative Services Fee.

Units that are not included in the Cost Allocation Plan and have trust funds with revenues of $5,000 or more collected/deposited in a given fiscal year will be charged the Administrative Services Fee. Transfer In accounts (account codes starting with "570"), and cost recovery revenues (accounts 580094 and 580095) are excluded from the revenue base.

The Administrative Services Fee is calculated as 8% of all new revenues posted during a 12-month period betweenJune 1 and May 31. Administrative Services charges are posted quarterly by Accounting Services and will appear as an expense in account 660898-Bus & Fin Services.