Trust Fund Investment Income

Interest Earnings/Charges

Income earned on Trust Fund investment balances (e.g., cash) is generally held and managed centrally by SJSU under the purview of the President and the Chief Financial Officer/Vice President for Administration & Finance. However, exceptions are made for large self-supporting units, and scholarship and endowment funds. This section applies only to these funds.

Investment earnings for large self-supporting units and scholarships/endowments are calculated based on the trust fund's average daily cash balance (ADB) during the month, and are posted by Accounting Services quarterly, or as information is provided by the Chancellor's Office. Funds that are eligible to earn interest will also be assessed interest charges if the average daily balance is negative.

  1. Income earned on endowment funds is posted as revenue to account 510090-Endowment-Others.
  2. Income earned on investment balances held for auxiliary organizations are posted to depository account 206803-Depository Accounts-Invmt Earn.
  3. All other investment income is posted as revenue to account 508001-Interest Fr External Invest.