Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch is a small group of staff and faculty who met together weekly to discuss the Bible and pray.  

It meets in King Library 392.  Thursdays, noon - 1 p.m.

From LuAnn Budd:

Lunch Bunch will not be meeting for the next couple of weeks. On October 13 we are kicking off a new discussion.  We decided that we'd like to read through the New Testament together in 80 days.
So at our next meeting on Thursday, October 13, I'll distribute paperback Bibles that we can use and make notes in -- and we'll embark on our journey.  
Just 10 minutes a day - five days a week - and we should read the whole New Testament by the beginning of January. 
We'll use these five questions as the basis for our discussion:
  1. What’s something you noticed for the first time?
  2. What questions did you have?
  3. Was there anything that bothered you?
  4. What did you learn about loving God?
  5. What did you learn about loving others?
I'm really looking forward to it! Everyone is welcome who might like to read along with us.

Contact Marilyn Blockus for details.