Top Five Resources for Explaining Christianity

Buff Furman's assignment to the Faculty-Staff Christian Fellowship: "Come up with your top five resources (could be web sites, books, articles, etc.) that you have found helpful in addressing questions/objections/'sticking points' against Christianity or resources that make a compelling 'positive' case for Christianity."

Buff Furman's Top Ten
  1. Reasonable Faith With William Lane Craig website (
  2. John Lennox's website and resources:
  3. God's Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? by John Lennox (
  4. A Christian Thinktank ( by Glenn Miller
  6. Anything by Jay Budziszewski (
  7. Ratio Christi web site and resources (
  8. The Veritas Forum talks (
  9. Dallas Theological Seminary Chapel videos (
  10. The Discovery Institute (
Aaron Romanowsky's Top Five +
  1. "Test of FAITH" video on science and Christianity:
  2. The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion papers:
  3. Christians in Science (UK) articles, talks and links:
  4. The American Scientific Affiliation - includes online journal and magazine:
  5. Institute for Credible Christianity apologetics notes:

It would also be nice to find something to do with Christianity and culture, like the Mars Hill Audio series, but free:

Preston Probasco's Top Five

  1. The Bible Project...Tim Mackie -
  2. Miller -
  3. Bible study fellowship -
  4. RZIM...Ravi Zacharias International Ministries -
  5. Dennis Praegar University -