FAQ Pertaining to Class Registration


Will the approved courses be available in the semesters that I plan to take them?

Not all SJSU courses are offered every semester. It is important for students to consider the course offering pattern when planning for their program of study. The recent history of course offering (available online) is a good indication of the pattern. Students should check with the course’s offering department for course availability during certain semesters. Even if a course is offered, the course may not accommodate every interested student. The enrollment priority is dependent on the student’s time of enrollment, major, academic standing, etc. It is not unusual that offering departments give higher priority to their own students. For example, computer engineering students have a higher priority enrolling in computer engineering courses.


What if the course I intend to take is full or the registration system does not allow me to register for the course?    

You should attend the first class meeting and ask the instructor for a permission code. There is no guarantee that you will get the permission, however. For that, it is advisable that you plan for an alternative class just in case you can’t get in your first choice.  


How many classes can I take in a semeter? 

Graduate students typically take 3 classes (9 units) per semester.   International students are required to take at least 9 units.     While the system allows students to take more than 9 units, it is not advisable for graduate students.  The course load might be too heavy.  


Can I take more courses than the ones approved in my Program of Study Proposal?

Yes. The approved courses are for meeting the MSE graduation requirement. You can take additional courses.