FAQ Pertaining Change Major

I applied admission to another major but was denied.  Can I change my major to MSE?  

If you have not been admitted to any major, you can send an email to the Graduate Office (katrice.gibson@sjsu.edu) and clearly state that you wish to change your major objective to MSE.    Sending this email does not work if you have been admitted to any major (see next question).


I have been admitted to another graduate program.  Can I change my major to MSE before school starts?   

No.  You must wait till school starts to file a petition for changing program.  Before filing the petition, you should make an appointment with a MSE advisor.  If you are qualify for changing major to MSE, the advisor will advice you about the classes that you should sign-up for the coming semester.   After the semester starts, you can file the change major petition. See the following question on how to file the petition.


How to change major to MSE?

You should make an appointment with a MSE advisor first.  If you are qualify for changing major to MSE, you should submit a petition for changing major program.   This page has a link to the online Change of Program petition form.  Note that, such petition is rarely granted  for requesting changing to a high-demand major such as Computer Science or Computer Engineering.


Can I use the courses that I took while in a different major to meet the MSE degree requirements?

It is possible.  You should discuss this with a MSE advisor.