Ken Youssefi

 Ken Youssefi


Departments of General Engineering and Mechanical Engineering


Ken Youssefi has served as a continuing lecturer at San José State University since 1985, teaching in various departments, including general engineering, mechanical engineering, technology and aviation, and civil and environmental engineering.

Youssefi teaches undergrad and graduate courses in the mechanical engineering design field, computer-aided design and rapid prototyping (3 D printing). His many academic accomplishments include: serving as course coordinator for the E10 introduction to engineering course (2 lectures and 21 lab sections) and ME graphics design course, ME20, which includes two lecture sections and five labs; designing a five-week wind turbine project for the General Engineering Course E10; and collaborating with SJSU’s School of Art and Design to create an interdisciplinary curriculum for product design.

Over the past 10 years, he has also served as a committee member on more than 100 SJSU master’s projects. While at SJSU, he has received the Davidson College of Engineering Outstanding Lecturer Award and five other key awards for teaching excellence and outstanding service.

Youssefi also serves as a lecturer at UC Berkeley in mechanical engineering. He has experience consulting with Failure Analysis Associates. Youssefi also designed the payload structure for the NASA “Poor Man’s Shuttle” high-altitude balloon flight and participated in the launch in Antarctica.

Youssefi holds doctorate and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering design from UC Berkeley.