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 Welcome to Interdisciplinary Engineering 

The Interdisciplinary Engineering program in the Davidson College of Engineering prepares students with the skills and knowledge required for today’s existing and emerging technologies. The program offers both a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Engineering (BSIDE) and an M.S. in Engineering (MSE) degree. These programs provide students with flexible curriculum that is truly interdisciplinary and not available through other engineering programs in the college. The program also offers and provides administrative and advising support for off-campus MSE programs. There are many options for customizing curriculum to meet an engineering career goal not necessarily found in specific, traditional engineering majors. A typical program of study for a Bachelor of Science candidate in Interdisciplinary Engineering includes courses from several departments in the College of Engineering as well as other colleges. For example, a student’s engineering career goal may be related to intellectual property or patent law. The curriculum for a pre-law track can be customized to enable that goal. [link to BSIDE pre-law page] In addition to the BS and MS programs, it also offers minors in Green Engineering and in Applied Computing. Detailed descriptions of all programs offered by the Interdisciplinary Engineering can be found by following the ‘Academic Programs’ link above.

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