Campus Resources

Campus Resources

Here are a few other campus resources you might find helpful.

  • Cesar Chavez Community Action Center

    The CCCAC connects SJSU students with community service opportunities that deepen the educational experience while promoting the lifelong commitment to civic activism at the heart of the Cesar Chavez legacy.

  • Counseling and Psychological Services

    Counseling and Psychological Services provides quality services to students so they can achieve their goals of becoming successful graduates of San José State University , both academically and socially. To fulfill this objective, we look at the whole student and provide guidance and tools to become productive and well rounded. Professionally trained psychologists, social workers, and counselors are available for students on an individual, couple, or group basis for counseling on a variety of psychological and academic issues. In addition, we provide services such as outreach presentations for students, student groups, staff, and faculty; consultations on issues of student mental health and campus climate; and professional training, teaching, and supervision for future mental health personnel, consistent with the educational mission of the University.

  • Accessible Education Center

    The Accessible Education Center (AEC) is a comprehensive center providing students with accommodations and services. The center works closely with faculty/staff to deliver services and promote access for students with disabilities in the classroom and throughout the campus.

  • PRIDE Center

    The PRIDE Center supports the LGBTA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Asexual) students of San José State University. Through dynamic programming and educational outreach the Resource Center seeks to improve the campus climate for LGBTQ+ students and advocate for the respect and safety of all members of the campus community. In collaboration with other campus programs the Resource Center works to meet the needs of students to promote the successful completion of their educational goals.

  • MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center

    MOSAIC provides a safe and welcoming environment which honors and celebrates diversity. They offer support, advocacy for historically under-represented groups, leadership opportunities, and intentional programming that focus on critical thought, social justice, and cultural empowerment for the San José State University community.

  • Student Health Center: Wellness and Health Promotion

    The Wellness and Health Promotion (WHP) team is a diverse staff with various specialties to meet the health and wellness needs of SJSU students. We are here to serve you. Our goal is to prepare students to be knowledgeable, responsible, and accountable in developing healthy lifestyles and in taking responsibility for their own health.

  • Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program

    The Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program offers a comprehensive course of study which provides students with a multidisciplinary body of knowledge, both theoretical and factual, about women. The curriculum emphasizes the diversity as well as the commonalities among women. The goals of the Women's Studies Program include the promotion of intellectual growth, effective communication, realistic self-appraisal, leadership development, healthy behaviors, independence, collaboration, appreciation of diversity, and achievement of personal and educational goals.