Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Geography


Admission to the Major

Download and complete the Major Form (PDF) for Geography.





General Education (GE) Requirements
Of the 51 GE units required by SJSU, 9 may be satisfied by specific major and support requirements. Of the 6 American Institutions units required by SJSU, all may be satisfied with GE requirements as specified in the schedule of classes. (Consult major advisor for details.)
  (42 units outside of the major)
Major and Support for the Major
STAT 095 or GEOG 195 are considered support for the major. STAT 095 may be counted as part of the 9 units inside or in support of the major, which contribute to the 51 units of University requirements. GEOG 001, 010, and 012 are major requirements and may be counted as part of the 9 units inside or in support of the major, which contribute to the 51 total units of University requirements.
  (9 units inside of the major may include 3 units support of the major and 6 units of lower division major courses)
Physical Education Requirements
Two units of Physical Education must be taken in addition to the 51 units of GE.
  2 units




GEOG 001, GEOG 010, GEOG 012, GEOG 135, GEOG 170, GEOG 186 or 187 or FLP Study Abroad, and GEOG 199.
  24 units
Human Geography
Choose 3 courses from: GEOG 105, GEOG 110, GEOG 112, GEOG 115, or GEOG 125.
  9 units
Physical Geography
Choose 3 courses from: GEOG 120, GEOG 121, GEOG 124, or GEOG 130.
  9 units
Geospatial Techniques and GIS
Choose 2 courses from: GEOG 107, GEOG 171, GEOG 172, GEOG 173, GEOG 175, or GEOG 181.
  6 units
Regional Synthesis
Choose 3 courses from: GEOG 145, GEOG 150, GEOG 155, GEOG 160, or GEOG 168.
  9 units
Major Electives
Take 3-4 additional upper division Geography courses. Major electives can be split between the fields of Human Geography, Physical Geography, or Geospatial Techniques courses or you may take them in any one of the fields. One SJSU studies course (Geography) may be counted as a major elective. NOTE: Students who have counted 2 Geography courses as core University requirements will take 2 additional upper division Geography electives.
  10 units


University Requirements
51 units (42 must be outside of the major) plus 2 units of Physical Education
  53 units
Requirements for the Major   67 units