Calvin and Frances Stevens Award

Photograph of Cal and Frances Stevens


Mrs. Antonette Broyles and her daughter, Lucia Broyles Gilbertson

Robert Miller
Freeman-Kern Associates

Todd Wallbom

Mrs. Antonette Broyles and her daughter, Lucia Broyles Gilbertson, established the Calvin and Frances Stevens Scholarship fund. This fund is designated to a student of Geology at San José State University because of the great value the Broyles and Gilbertson families place on education and their fondness for the Stevens family.

The funds are to aid deserving students to help defray the expenses incurred in geologic field work, especially in California and Nevada. This can include helping to support a student attending the SJSU Geology field camp.




Corinne Stewart 1998
Paula Zermano 1998
Robin Dornfest 1999
Pete Holland 1999
Jen Strona 2000
Shelly Ericksen 2002
Michele Dodge 2003
Renee Shonk 2004
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Sean Burkhart 2009
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