Leadership Stories

Your voice matters - and we want to hear it! 

Leadership Stories is a new initiatve from Student Involvement. At various points throughout the semester, we will post a leadership-themed prompt for you to respond to with a video message, and then we'll compile the submissions and publish the final video online! If you'd prefer, you can also submit a text or audio-only version of your message.

This is how it all works:

  1. Read the upcoming prompt (below) and think about your response
  2. Record or create a video response to the prompt
  3. Make sure your video is less than 60 seconds long (it can even be 5 seconds if you'd like!)
  4. Submit your video using the appropriate form before the submission deadline. You can find the submission link below.
  5. Please note that we may not be able to include all submissions, and we may need to trim your video for the final product
  6. Check our social media or your email inbox when we publish the compiled stories!

Upcoming Prompt:

It’s National Latino-Hispanic Heritage Month! Are there any Latinx leaders who have inspired you or impacted your life?

Deadline to submit: Friday, September 18th at 12pm PST

Submit your 60-seconds-or-less video here!