Leadership and Career Certificate Program

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Apply for the 2020 Leadership & Career Certificate Program!


The 2020 Leadership & Career Certificate Program will launch in February 2020. This certificate offers opportunities to enhance and develop your existing leadership and career skills through a hybrid format. In order to receive a certificate, you will need to complete all five modules via a Canvas course. You can attend approved events listed on Handshake that are offered on campus or online through the Canvas course. Successful participants will receive their certificate at the annual Leadership Gala on May 5th, 2020. Additionally, successful participants will receive a special leadership & career starter kit to help them on their journey! 


Application is through a Google Form (link will be added in January 2020). Once a completed application is approved, students will be granted access to the Canvas course.

More program details and registration information will be released in late November 2019!

Program Learning Outcomes:

By participating in this program...

  • Students will develop competencies within leadership and career skill categories by engaging in activities that explore concepts that include leadership and career foundations, leading effectively, effective communication, social justice & career awareness, career exploration, and launching their career.
  • Additionally, this program serves to support the mission of student involvement by providing an opportunity for engagement and development through an innovative program that promotes inclusivity, integrity, and student success.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What are the leadership & career modules and what can I expect to learn?

  • Module 1: Leadership & Career Foundations
    • Participants will learn basic definitions and concepts related to leadership and career and apply this information to their personal and professional goals
  • Module 2: Building an Essential Leadership Toolkit
    • Participants will recognize their leadership abilities and strengths and weaknesses by learning about their leadership style and how it impacts their ability to connect with others
  • Module 3: Communicating Effectively
    • Participants will learn how to communicate more effectively by analyzing their communication skills and gaining new competencies to aid in their ability to respond and interact with others
  • Module 4: Cultivating Inclusive Leadership
    • Participants will engage in activities that seek to encourage cultural awareness and understanding of social justice and how it relates to their leadership and career aspirations
  • Module 5: Marketing Your Leadership Skills
    • Participants will develop self-knowledge related to career choice and work performance by identifying, assessing, and understanding their competencies, interests, values, strengths, and personal characteristics
  • Capstone Experience
    • Participants will apply knowledge from the first five modules to practice their new skills in career-related activities and events

When is the deadline to apply?

More information about signing up for the 2020 program coming soon!

How do I apply?

More information about signing up for the 2020 program coming soon!

Why should students apply?

Certificate students will be able to develop leadership and career competencies to apply to their SJSU experience and planning for post-SJSU life. Plus, it looks great on a resume!

Who can apply?

All currently enrolled SJSU students (undergraduate and graduate).

What is the cost?

Free for all SJSU students.

When will I receive my certificate?

You will receive your certificate at the annual Leadership Gala that will take place on May 5th, 2020.

When will I know the status of their application?

You should receive a response regarding the status of your application at the beginning of February 2020.

Who do I contact if I have questions or need accommodations?

Questions or comments can be sent to student-leadership@sjsu.edu or you can call the Student Involvement front desk at 408.924.5950.

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