Global Leadership Lab

Growing Tomorrow's Global Leaders in Silicon Valley

Students who master global competencies before entering the job market are highly desirable job candidates as they bring valuable communications and leadership skills to an organization or business.

SJSU’s Global Leadership Laboratory (GLLab) is a state-of-the-art learning platform designed to maximize students’ experiential learning and increase levels of success in working with a diverse global workforce. 

The main GLLab is located on campus in the Boccardo Business Center while satellite GLLab assets can also be set up at off-campus facilities. Both offer the same rich learning experience. GLLab staffed are internationally renowned global leadership scholars and master teachers and the program is managed by the Global Leadership Advancement Center (GLAC).   

The GLLab experience is provided to students enrolled in global leadership development classes – BUS165 Global Leadership, BUS262A Global Leadership & Innovation, BUS262B Global Leadership Development, and BUS268 Managing Across Cultures. Students take advantage of global assessment tests and reality-based simulations to learn more about themselves and close gaps in their global skillset. After developing a personal development plan, students are on the fast track to mastering leadership and innovation competencies crucial for successful work domestically and abroad.

“I enjoyed the Global Leadership Lab very much and (maybe most importantly) I learnt a lot! If I had had this class before I went to Japan for my internship, I would have done so much differently. I finally understood many of the issues I had with Japanese culture and how I should have behaved in certain situations. This class was awesome! Thank you!”   --Julia B., MBA student

GLLab Programs for Companies and Universities

Many competitive companies in Silicon Valley have diverse and globally fragmented workforces.  Employees with formal global skills training and experience are highly valuable assets to these organizations. One way workforce individuals and teams can boost success potential and productivity, is from participating in a GLLab workshop. Another option for professional development for college graduates is through the Certificate in Advanced Global Leadership program.

International students and student groups from other universities are also invited to take part in GLLab programs. For example, each year since 2009, a new group of MBA Human Resource Management students from Leuphana University in Germany joins SJSU MBA students for an intensive, four-day GLLab immersion experience and intercultural exchange.

Please contact us to request more information on special GLLab offerings.

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Global Leadership Gateway Workshop

SJSU students seeking global work or preparing for an international experience such study abroad can benefit from a Gateway Workshop, a concentrated, hands-on one-day class offered once each semester, which also includes a modified GLLab experience.



Topics Include:

  • Understanding Global Leadership
  • Assessing global competencies
  • Decoding culture
  • Communication across cultures
  • Creating a personal development plan

Workshop Includes:

  • Assessment instruments
  • Skills-based executive-style training
  • Entry into the Global Leadership Passport Program

To receive notification of the next available Gateway workshop, please complete the Contact Us form to get on our events announcement list.