About Studies in American Language

About Studies in American Language

In 1975, our intensive English training program, Studies in American Language, began at San Jose State University. Since that time, we have helped thousands of students from more than sixty countries around the world to develop English skills for college or university studies, to get a better job or just for personal reasons. Our intensive English program, Studies in American Language, now includes the “Academic and Test Preparation,” “TOEFL Waiver” and “Active Communication in English” programs.

What Our Students Say About Us

“We can practice to talk to classmates in English. And I’m not afraid of speaking English anymore. And one of my goals was to speak a lot of English here, so I enjoyed it.”

“It was good for me. I could understand American value, and other country’s value. I thought it very interesting to know different behaviors in all world.”

“The U.S. culture is very interesting. People often say that teachers in the U.S. are very friendly, but they also encourage us to express ideas courageously.”