SAL Activities

Conversation Club

You can improve your English speaking skills by joining our free Conversation Club! There is no homework and there are no tests. You can attend as many meetings as you wish. Students who attend our Conversation Club meetings get to play fun games, participate in exciting activities, and make life-long friends. If you attend conversation club regularly during a session (at least once or twice a week) will receive a Conversation Club certificate.

Language Exchange Conversation Partners

Do you want to practice English one-on-one? Our Language Exchange Conversation Partners program provides an opportunity for you to interact with a SJSU student. Some partners teach a language to each other, while other partners practice speaking English. This is an informal opportunity for you to practice English and learn more about American culture. Take a look at a sample flier.

Boulevard of Languages

Boulevard of Languages is a tradition at Studies in American Language. You can share your language and culture at a variety of international themed events, such as SJSU International Week, Horace Mann Multicultural Day and Jordan Middle School International Festival.

Volunteer Opportunities

iGateways students are able to participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities. Most recently, students have begun volunteering at Sacred Heart Community Services, a non-profit organization located near SJSU. Volunteering allows you to practice your English as you interact with people from a variety of backgrounds. It also gives you're the opportunity to help people in the local community.

American Holiday Festivities

Enjoy celebrating tradition US holidays. Meet Santa Clause at Christmas, carve a Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween and send a Valentine to your special someone. Take a look at some of the pictures from our previous events.

Field Trips

Would your like to explore the You can visit places such as San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Monterey on our field trips. Here's an example of one of those field trips. In addition, students are encouraged to travel on their own during iGateways holidays and session breaks.