SAL Programs

Academic and Test Preparation

If you plan to attend an American college or university, or wish to improve your English language skills for professional or personal reasons then Academic and Test Preparation is the right program for you. This program offers 8 levels of instruction with a combination of listening & speaking, writing & grammar, reading & vocabulary, plus elective courses. Advanced Level ATP students enrolled in this program may qualify to study one or more regular undergraduate university courses at San Jose State University.

TOEFL Waiver Program

Our “Academic and Test Preparation” program offers you the opportunity to transfer to the best community colleges in Silicon Valley, with NO TOEFL score! Through our TOEFL Waiver Program, you can you can begin your academic career at one of our partner schools  which include  De Anza College, Foothill College, West Valley College and San Jose City College. At community college, you can complete prerequisite courses or General Education requirements for admission to San Jose State University.

Active Communication in English

If your goal is to speak English with confidence and skill, then our 6 week Active Communication in English program is right for you. This program will help you to

Activate the English language skills you studied in school
Compete in the global workplace with stronger English skills
Expand your ability to communicate actively in English

Submitting Your Application

After you have decided on the program that meets your needs, just go to our Apply Now  website and follow the instructions.