Academic Support

English Language Development

If you have not yet achieved the required English language proficiency score for admission to San Jose State University, our Academic and Test Preparation program at International Gateways can help you develop the language skills you need. We provide intensive English study for students who plan to attend an American college or university.

Academic Tutoring Services

If you are having difficulty with your classes you can get tutoring help in many introductory and intermediate level courses from SJSU student tutors. There are three types of tutoring services available:

Individual Tutoring: This type of help is for students who are underprepared or anxious about course materials, students with certain learning disabilities, or students who need special assistance.

Small Group Tutoring: This type of help is for groups of up to four students from the same course. The groups are formed as students register for their appointments.  

Peer Connections: This type of help offers small group, individual, and drop-in tutoring for a number of undergraduate courses, consultation with mentors is available on a drop-in or by appointment basis.