Academic Support - Visiting Students

International Gateways Advising Services

Academic Advising: If you need help planning your academic future, applying to a university, or have questions about  the American university system, our Academic Advisors can help you.

MBP Program Advising: The Academic Advisors at International Gateways will help you research a variety of MBA or other business programs offered at American colleges and universities, guide you through the application process, and offer assistance with refining your application essay and resume.    

International Gateways Admissions and Immigration Advising: Our admissions staff is glad to help you with your International Gateways application, continuing student registration, or complex Immigration questions. Please feel free to email your questions to


SJSU Tutoring Services

If you are in the SAS program, you can get tutoring help in many introductory and intermediate level courses from SJSU student tutors.  You can come in for same-day appointments or sign up for a tutoring appointment up to 2 weeks in advance. There are three types of tutoring services available to Undergraduate students:  

Individual Tutoring: This type of help is for students who are underprepared or anxious about course materials, students with certain learning disabilities, or students who need special assistance.

Small Group Tutoring: This type of help is for groups of up to four students from the same course. The groups are formed as students register for their appointments.  

LARC Tutoring at SJSU Housing: This type of help is offered in the evening at the Living Learning Center (LLC) in Campus Village B.  LARC tutors can help you with lower division Math and Writing courses.