International Gateways Programs

English Language Training

International Gateways has been offering academic and TOEFL preparation courses on the San Jose State University campus since 1975 to help international students develop the English skills necessary for admission to American colleges and universities. All of our programs offer highly skilled and experienced teachers who are committed to giving the best English instruction possible and small classes - so that students will receive individual attention from teachers.  

Semester @ SJSU (SAS)

If you are an Advanced Level English language student you can study regular undergraduate university courses at San Jose State University for one or two semesters without applying to SJSU. Academic credit for all of your completed SJSU courses will be posted on an official San Jose State University transcript and can be transferred to other universities. Find out more about this program at Semester @ SJSU.

Custom Programs

We also offer customized one-on-one private tutoring for executive training, small group training, and classroom instruction for business. Courses like Teaching English in English and Global Studies Certificate were offered in the past. Tell us what you would like and we will develop a Custom Program to meet your specific training needs. 

Submitting Your Application

After you have decided on the program that meets your needs, just go to our Apply Now  website and follow the instructions.