What Our Students Say About Us

“I really appreciate MBP teachers who supported us very well by cultivating critical thinking skills and helping us build self-confidence MBP was my springboard to a competitive MBA program.” Saori --JAPAN ( MBA-One, San Jose State University)

“The school  (MBP) has prepared me to succeed in an MBA program, teaching not only good strategies in order to maximize my time and pass the GMAT but also explaining the American education system and what the university will expect from MBA students in terms of  knowledge, skills, and responsibility.” Greta  - ITALY (MBA, Santa Clara University)

“Service Learning was a good opportunity... Thanks to service learning (Custom Program), I have experienced the American education system and what American schools are like.” TEE Trainee – SOUTH KOREA

“I spent two semesters at SJSU with the SAS program.  It enabled me to look for courses I was interested in and which I needed for my requirements from my German university at the same time. By selecting courses from different departments I obtained a good insight into what American university courses are like.“ Tim - GERMANY

“I wish I had known about the SAS program before because it was the most effective and interesting English program I ever had. I have not only improved my English, but also have had an opportunity to experience what it means to be a student in an American university.” Tanya – RUSSIA

In Germany, I was kind of anxious about doing things, doing presentations, organizing and being some kind of leader, but here I have to do so much on my own that I feel much more confident now. In fact, I have been doing so many things (in the SAS program) that I thought I could never do.”  Patrick - GERMANY