Admission Requirements

Thank you for your interest in pursuing your graduate career at San Jose State University!

Applying for graduate school at San José State University requires a two-step process. 

Keep in mind, graduate applicants must meet both the minimum SJSU Eligibility requirements AND the graduate degree program requirements set forth by our individual programs. 

SJSU Admission Requirements

(1) You must first apply to the university through the CSU Cal State Apply application by the university deadlines

Graduate applicants must first meet the SJSU eligibility requirements for admission. Learn about the eligibility requirements for graduate admission. Applicants must meet all SJSU eligibility requirements to be considered for their degree program.   

Degree Program Requirements

(2) Secondly, you will need to apply to the graduate program of your choice by the department deadlines.

After reviewing the Graduate SJSU Requirements, learn about the Graduate degree program requirements.   Each graduate degree program has unique requirements and a separate application process.



Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations 
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