CORE GE Equivalent Course Petition


This petition is only for undergraduate students who are matriculated (admitted and enrolled) at SJSU. Use this petition only if you have completed or plan to complete coursework that satisfies the requirements of a particular GE Area. Note that the course(s) need not be identical to an SJSU course in the particular GE Area, but it must address the content objectives and learning outcomes of that particular GE Area.

Petitions will rarely be approved for equivalency of a course from a California Community College (CCC) or another CSU that is not articulated statewide for a particular GE area. Articulation agreements already define all such course equivalencies. However, some CCC and CSU courses are doubly categorized as meeting two different GE areas. This petition may also be used if students wishes to have a course moved from one articulated GE area to another. If a CCC or CSU course is course-to-course articulated to an SJSU course that has been placed in a different GE than the course being transferred in to SJSU, this petition may also be used to request a change from the articulated GE area to the GE area of the SJSU course. For CCC Courses, see For a CSU course, contact the CSU for their approved list during the time period when the course was taken. Equivalencies for Basic Skill (A1, A2, A3, B4) will not be granted unless passed with a grade of "C- or better".

In all cases, the following are REQUIRED:

(1) Personal Statement - explaining request

(2) Supporting evidence/ documentation - (minimally a catalog description from the year when the course was taken, ideally a syllabus as well).  Include writing samples for Area A2 or A3.

(3) Transcripts - from SJSU and the institution where the course work was taken with the relevant course(s) highlighted (unofficial transcripts are OK) [Note: The official transcript showing the course you are petitioning must have been submitted at the time of admission, or prior to submitting this petition if taken concurrently with SJSU coursework]

(4) Form completely filled out

Area A1: Oral Communication(DocuSign)

Area A2: Written Comm: Area A3 Critical Thinking(DocuSign)

Area B1: Physical Science Area B2: Life Science and Area B3: Laboratory(DocuSign)

Area B4: Mathematics(DocuSign)

Area C: Arts and Letters(DocuSign)

Area D: Social Sciences(DocuSign)

Area E: Human Understanding and Development(DocuSign)


Do not send your Social Security Number (SSN) or sensitive information.  For students who do not have an SJSU ID or email, please complete the pdf form and email to along with support documents. 

 CORE GE Equivalent Course Petition[pdf]