Student Petition Information

Undergraduate Academic Requirements Request Guidelines 

  1. Students are encouraged to consult with an advisor or department chair before submitting any petition/request(s) to Office of Undergraduate Education.
  2. Specific instructions for each request/petition are printed on each petition form.
  3. Students must make sure to read all instructions, attach all required materials, and obtain appropriate recommendations and approval before submitting request. Request/petitions will not be considered in it is not complete filled out, attachements and/or signatures are missing or information is untruthfull. 
  4. Students are communicated via email and/or phone the final decision to approved/denied petition. 
  5. An "appeal" may be made to the Office of Undergraduate Education (UE) if the request is denied by our office. Special appeals can be filled with the Ombudsperson when all other appeals have been exhausted.
  6. It then takes 5-8 business days for system to reflect approval.

The following categories are NOT considered for modification, waiver, or substitution:

  • Changes made to academic records after graduation (student records become seal after graduation)
  • Fewer than 120 semester units completed (not including repeats)
  • Fewer than 40 semester units of upper division coursework
  • Fewer than 30 semester units at SJSU for every degree (residence)
  • Fewer than 48 units of GE
  • Fewer than 9 units of SJSU Studies courses taken at SJSU (for students enrolling in Fall 1991 or later). Exceptions are made only if a student has completed all advanced GE courses while matriculated at another CSU campus.
  • Fewer than 9 units upper division or residence GE (for students on prior to Fall 1991 requirements)
  • More than 16 units of Grade Forgiveness.
  • GE credit for SJSU, CSU, and California Community College courses not certified for GE or certified in different areas than SJSU
  • Upper division credit for courses taken as lower division courses
  • Graduating senior status as grounds for waiving requirements

The following requests may be approved directly on the Major Form by the major advisorDo not submit a Petition.

  • Fewer than total units required for degree (but at least 120UE)
  • 100W taken outside of major department
  • Excess supervised study units (180/184)
  • ALL Students (including UD transfers) admitted Fall 15 and later must take PE unless their major is exempt (formerly known as a PE waiver).
  • Departments may require specific courses or all courses in a major to individually have grades of "C or better", but cannot require a grad of higher than a "C" for any graduation requirements.