Elevating an Option or Concentration to a Full Degree

Template to Elevate an Option or Concentration

Any option or concentration that is seeking to elevate their program to a full degree must prepare a proposal as if it was a new degree, in that it must reflect the needs of the students and the state, be broadly based, and demonstrate depth, relevance and applicability to the real world of work. View the CSU Office of the Chancellor guidance document Elevating Options and Concentrations to Full Degree Major ProgramsIn addition departments must submit a: 

  1. Comprehensive Assessment Plan (template linked)
  2. Curriculum Matrix (template linked)
  3. Side by Side Comparison of the current major, all current concentrations in the major, and the proposed concentration degree that is seeking to be elevated to a full degree and their degree requirements to clearly show compliance with EO 1071.
  4. Advising Roadmap: Undergraduate 2-Year and 4-Year Templates. Graduate programs should also submit sample roadmaps.
  5. Special Session proposals also require a budget: CSU CO’s Budget Template.